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Stop Arguing with your Coparent so you can put your focus back on your kids and your new life ahead.

Are you frustrated with always arguing with your coparent?


Do you wonder when it will ever end? Unfortunately, when kids are in the picture, there will always be communication with your ex that will need to be dealt with. 

How do you learn to respond so that you don’t make things worse?

What if you could learn how to write texts or emails so that it didn’t end in a fight? 

What if, instead, you could move on quickly to focus on your kids and enjoying your new life?

You can and will learn how to do all of this with my coparenting communication guide, R.O.A.R. No More

How To Use This Guide

  1. Download the free "R.O.A.R. No More" Guide
  2. Read through the 7 steps.
  3. Look at your last email. What changes could you make?
  4. Schedule a NEXT STEPS CALL with Dr. Stef learn more!

R.O.A.R. NO MORE is my 7 step guide that helps you write an email or a text to your challenging coparent so you can tame your mama bear "roar". Using my guide, you can work through any issue clearly, calmly, efficiently and effectively, and move on without the drama

ROAR NO MORE works! It made me go from a high conflict divorce where we were paying our attorneys to figure things out for every decision to … peace. This tool makes me feel like a mastermind. No drama. No discussions.  I’ve saved thousands of dollars on attorneys fees this year alone!”



 "The best advice was about communicating with my now ex husband.  I kept all my communications business like and to the point and tried to leave out the emotion.  (he definitely did NOT do that, but still I remained stoic.)  Everytime I compose an email to him, I think about leaving out the word "I" and asking "would you consider" rather than telling him what I want him to do.  I also don't respond without really thinking about what I am going to say and reading it over and over again before pressing send.  Sometimes I even have my sister or friend read my communications prior to sending so that I am sure I am saying things the right way.  Since we still have to parent our children together, I think this will forever be in my arsenal."


The guide will help you:

  • craft an email that works FOR you and not against you. 
  • supports you so you no longer feel anxious about what to write and how to write it. You will finally be able to respond with intention and strategy instead of reacting with big emotions which can lead to long, drawn-out battles. 
  • put the focus back on the children and on the business of being a coparent.

When you can respond with confidence, you will:

  • spend less time writing texts and emails
  • less time going back and forth with your challenging coparent
  • less time and money with your lawyer
  • less mental energy spinning on what the other parent is doing or not doing. 

The best thing about the guide is the other parent doesn’t have to change! 

You don’t have to involve them at all!

But what you will find is the other parent will start to change how they respond without even realizing what is going on. It will be mind-blowing! You’ll feel like you have a magic power that you never had before!

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