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Hi, I am Dr. Stefanie Huff. 

I am a Physician. I am a Mom.  I am Divorced. And I get it.

For years, I struggled in a messy divorce and a challenging coparent relationship. With two young kids and a full-time career as an emergency medicine physician, I was overwhelmed with figuring out how to get through divorce. I felt alone, frustrated, arguing with my ex, and it seemed nothing was going my way.


All of that changed when I found a life coach who helped me turn things around (actually a weight loss coach, but turns out it wasn't about the weight!)  My relationship with my coparent became easier, less time-consuming, less draining.  I was able to start focusing on my kids and enjoying myself as a single, divorced, successful working mom.


Over the years since my divorce, I have pieced together all sorts of info about coparenting. I have tried and tested all different tactics to figure out what works and what doesn't.


I wish someone had given me these pearls of wisdome earlier in my divorce. So to make sure no one else has to reinvent the wheel, I am here to offer guidance, support, and resources in one simple, safe, and confidential space.


Let's figure your divorce out together so you can get started as soon as possible taking next steps to your fresh start!


I don’t have the answers for your life; I want to show you that YOU have all of the answers to your life.

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