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Stuck in a messy divorce?

You don’t need to face it alone.

Hi, I’m Dr. Stef, a certified coach (and divorced mom) whose mission is to help overwhelmed working moms like you “figure divorce out” so you can feel calmer, stronger & always supported during this unfamiliar difficult life change.

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Hi, friend!

If you are a divorced working mom struggling with coparenting, I know what you are going through and how you are feeling. I wish someone had handed me a manual when I was getting divorced!

When you work with me, you will:

  • Learn to communicate calmly with your coparent (nobody teaches us that)
  • Find your team of divorce experts so you can save time and energy (and avoid exhausting yourself and your bank account in a prolonged divorce) 
  • Navigate life as a single parent so that you feel supported and not so alone
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Resources for a less stressful divorce

Coparenting Rx Online Course

All the info you NEED TO know to feel proud of your coparenting.

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1-on-1 coaching

Personalized coaching to help you navigate the stress and complications of divorce with grace - and in less time!

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Are you frustrated with always arguing with your coparent?

My ROAR NO MORE  7 step guide will help you write an email or a text to your challenging coparent so that you can work through any issue clearly, calmly, efficiently and effectively.

I want to learn how to Drop the Drama

What it's like to work together

“Working with Dr. Stef has absolutely changed my life. It felt incredible to share all my worries and have her tell me "I've been there" and "You can let go of that shame if it doesn't serve you." Dr. Stef helped me realize that I could give myself permission to heal and recover: the only person limiting me was my own mind. I am the best version of myself because of the work I've done with Dr. Stef and I will forever be grateful."

- N.G.

"Dr Stef is the velveteen rabbit of life coaches. She’s real. She’s lived thru it too.  That experience has shaped her and you sense this as you speak to her.  Her coaching is practical and immediately applicable. If you want to change your life she is your first step."


Divorce Support for Working Women

A free monthly webinar to inform and empower working women as they navigate divorce at any stage.

Each session will discuss how a lawyer, CDLP, and divorce coach can benefit you in your divorce and how to best utilize their services so you can maximize your time, energy and money during your divorce.

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