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Interviews with Divorce Experts

A Conversation on Therapy & Divorce

Dr. Melissa Gressner
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Going through a divorce can add more anxiety to an already overwhelmed life. In this interview, we discuss how therapy can help you overcome anxiety, rebuild confidence and improve your relationships.


Melissa Gressner, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist 
1807 S. Pearl St., Ste. #10
Denver, CO 80210
P: 720-281-8056
Instagram @drmelissag

Divorce Mediation: Transforming Conflict

Mari Ickes

Divorce mediation offers a path to resolving conflict between parties to help avoid costly courtroom battles. Learn how a mediator can help transform the process of divorce negotiation.

“I am 100% confident that if we would've sought mediation instead of litigation, my ex-husband and I would've gained the skills necessary to be better parents. We would have learned how to work through our conflicts in order to focus on what was most important to both of us - our kids. Through mediation, our kids wouldn't have been put in the middle. We could have learned how to overcome being victims of our emotions and show our children a better way.”



Family Law Attorney

Laura Kinde, Esq.

Grimaldi and Kinde Law Firm

Contact: [email protected]


Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA)

Liz Amaral, CDFA® | Assoc Financial Advisor – Planning & Investments

1873 S. Bellaire St. Suite 1600 I Denver, CO 80222

Office: 303.300.5584 | [email protected]



Wills and Trusts

Amy Danniel, Esq.

Contact: [email protected]


School Choice and Divorce

Keely Buchanan

Founder and Owner of Colorado Educational Consulting

Contact: [email protected]


Parenting Coach

Connie Miller

Master Certified Parenting Coach




Money Mindset + Divorce

Dr. Cindy Chin

Alternate Lens, Coach

Contact: [email protected]


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