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Interviews with Divorce Experts

Divorce Lawyer/Mediator/Coach

Lauren Fair, Esq

Lauren Fair is the unicorn of divorce experts - not only is she a divorce lawyer, she is also a mediator and a master certified coach. Find out how each of these can help support you during your divorce.

Lauren Fair is a divorce attorney, certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization as a specialist in the area of family law.  She is also a divorce mediator and a certified alternative dispute resolution divorce coach, and Master-Certified Life Coach.  With more than 15 years of experience in skillfully and effectively serving clients finding themselves faced with divorce, combined with personal and professional experience with the emotional challenges and unique transition process that accompany divorce, Lauren dedicates her practice to helping spouses resolve their differences outside of court through Collaborative divorce, mediation, and coaching. 


[email protected]

Podcast: The Sensible Split -


Couples Counseling

Maire Daugharty, MD, LAC, LPC, LMFT

Couples Counseling can be a vital component to maintain a healthy marriage, but it can also be daunting when you don’t know what to expect. Learn what couples counseling is all about and how it can help, especially in medical marriages.

Dr Maire Daugharty is a Board-Certified anesthesiologist who is also licensed in professional and addiction counseling, and marriage and family therapy. She works with adult individuals and couples on a multitude of issues involving family and interpersonal dynamics, the peripartum, phase of life transitions, work life balance, and conflict. Areas of expertise include communication, identifying underlying challenges, and helping people to leverage an improved understanding for each other towards increased intimacy. She also works with individuals exploring work life balance, depression, anxiety, interpersonal challenges, and questions and concerns around alcohol use. As a second career she brings her experience with navigating challenging work environments, relationships, and vulnerability to her practice. (Licensed in CO, TX, UT, ID)


Physician Vitality Services

(Counseling, Consultation, Supervision, and Medical Management)

(720) 744-0557


Certified Divorce Lending Professionals

Karla Kyte, CDLP

The Kyte Team


What is often a legal option, is not always a mortgage option and therefore, we are dealing with many modifications post decree. (that is, IF the parties agree to modify)  Given today’s market with the high cost of housing and the high interest rates, it is often very difficult and sometimes impossible to keep our divorcing clients in homeownership but if I am involved early enough, I can help them navigate the guidelines successfully!   With over 26 years of experience and as a Certified Divorce Lending Professional, I can help them to structure their settlement in a way that works within lending guidelines not to just get them any loan, but the best loan possible at the best rates and terms available.

A Conversation on Therapy & Divorce

Dr. Melissa Gressner
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Going through a divorce can add more anxiety to an already overwhelmed life. In this interview, we discuss how therapy can help you overcome anxiety, rebuild confidence and improve your relationships.


Melissa Gressner, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist 
1807 S. Pearl St., Ste. #10
Denver, CO 80210
P: 720-281-8056
Instagram @drmelissag

Divorce Mediation: Transforming Conflict

Mari Ickes

Divorce mediation offers a path to resolving conflict between parties to help avoid costly courtroom battles. Learn how a mediator can help transform the process of divorce negotiation.

“I am 100% confident that if we would've sought mediation instead of litigation, my ex-husband and I would've gained the skills necessary to be better parents. We would have learned how to work through our conflicts in order to focus on what was most important to both of us - our kids. Through mediation, our kids wouldn't have been put in the middle. We could have learned how to overcome being victims of our emotions and show our children a better way.”



Family Law Attorney

Laura Kinde, Esq.

Grimaldi and Kinde Law Firm

Contact: [email protected]


Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA)

Liz Amaral, CDFA® | Assoc Financial Advisor – Planning & Investments

1873 S. Bellaire St. Suite 1600 I Denver, CO 80222

Office: 303.300.5584 | [email protected]



Wills and Trusts

Amy Danniel, Esq.

Contact: [email protected]


School Choice and Divorce

Keely Buchanan

Founder and Owner of Colorado Educational Consulting

Contact: [email protected]


Parenting Coach

Connie Miller

Master Certified Parenting Coach




Money Mindset + Divorce

Dr. Stef talks with Dr. Cindy Chin, a physician and life coach, about money management and divorce. They discuss common financial pitfalls, emotional and mindset challenges, and strategies for managing finances, and gives practical tips for financial stability during and after divorce.

Dr. Cindy Chin

Alternate Lens, Coach

Contact: [email protected]


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